Your guide to modern policy administration

By Modern Insurance Magazine
9 May 2024
Your guide to modern policy administration
Simplifying insurance technology to drive innovation

It’s never been more crucial for insurance companies to understand and react to the continually changing needs and expectations of customers. To achieve this, they must maintain the agility to innovate rapidly.  

But this can be particularly challenging for the insurance industry. Not only are businesses often built upon complex layers of technology and data, but the external landscape can also feel like a never-ending world of competing technology providers making bold claims and using overly-complex jargon. 

So, in this special edition of Modern Insurance Magazine, we’ve taken a step back in order to provide an easy-to-understand guide to one of the most vital pieces of technology in the armory of any insurance business – the Policy Administration System. Our collection of articles cover topics such as: 

Simplifying Insurance Technology – Discover how streamlined tech can drive major innovations. 
The Modern Policy Administration System – Why it’s crucial for your business. 
The Future of Policy Administration – Insights straight from the experts. 
Nurturing a High-Performing Culture – Create a workspace where innovation thrives. 
Pitch Perfect – Essential questions to ask your software provider. 
Rapid Deployment – Learn how a startup was transformed in just one week. 
Pro-Adaptability – Gain the ultimate competitive edge. 
The Art of Discovery – Mastering the discovery process for success. 
Industry Leaders Unveiled – Meet Andre Symes and Craig Olivier
Jargon Buster – Your go-to glossary for all things Insurtech. 

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