Our Story

Think back to 1997.

You’d never heard of a smart phone. The biggest concern in tech was the impending Millennium Bug. And Mmmbop by Hansen was a global smash.

That’s when the Genasys story began. Working out of his garage in Cape Town, our Chairman and Founder Steve Symes recognised that software would be the key to insurance efficiency and customer experience, and created an insurance administration system years ahead of its time.

Now fast-forward 25 years.

Our continuous innovation has meant that we have a world-leading software product for any insurance business, clients across the globe, and have added offices in Johannesburg and London. 

And due to our unique expertise, our clients trust us to guide them on the latest technology for their businesses: what’s going to change the landscape, like the smart phone; what’s just a load of hype, like the Millennium Bug; and what shouldn’t work, but will probably still be around in 25 years time, just like the frankly incredible Mmmbop.  

Genasys Tech Insurance Software Team

Our Leadership Team

Our team and culture is what really sets Genasys apart, which starts with our leadership team. Genasys is led by experts in insurance, technology, people and client services, who are proudly committed to our ethos of being your trusted partners.

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