Meet the leadership team – Ed Halsey

By Genasys
8 April 2024
Meet the leadership - Ed Halsey

If you could have any superpower, what would it be, and why?

The immediate thing that came to mind was telepathy, but I’m not sure I’d always want to know what people are thinking – too many cans of worms. Instead, I’d go for the ability to manipulate time – it’s the most valuable, precious currency we have. The idea of being able to go back and fix your mistakes, or relive your favourite moments in life would be a very powerful thing. Just be wary of the butterfly effect….


What’s your biggest pet peeve?

People who, after a long flight, crowd their entire family around the luggage belt with their shins pressed up against the conveyor! It literally makes no sense. If you’re not going to be taking a case off, go and sit somewhere nearby. If you are, stand back a few feet to give yourself and others room. It’s maddening.


What’s your favorite holiday destination?

Our favourite as a family in undoubtedly Greece. Great people, great weather, great food – the perfect holiday. However, we’re also full card-carrying Disney addicts so get out to Orlando whenever we can to experience the parks and rollercoasters.


What’s your favorite board game or card game?

I’m going to go right the way back to the 90’s with that one – I had a 3D board game called Ghost Castle (,/0/default.jpg) that we played a lot as a family. MouseTrap was fun and Nightmare ( was the first VHS-led board game – very scary as a child. These days, I’m more of an Uno or Yahtzee kind of guy, maybe even a bit of Texas Hold ‘Em.


What’s your signature dance move?

Ever seen the movie Hitch with Will Smith? He nails the common advice….just stick to a casual two-step and you can’t go far wrong. Let’s just say I ignore the common advance and dance like everybody is watching.

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