How to modernise for Blueprint Two

28 February 2023
Download our guide to the seven steps to prevent digital transformation costs from spiralling out of control. 

Blueprint Two sets out the plan for the digitalization of Lloyd’s insurance marketplace, with London Market stakeholders needing to ensure they have the technology in place to meet new requirements. 

This digital transformation will enable Lloyd’s and London Market participants to significantly reduce costs by removing inefficiencies, increasing innovation and improving customer experience. 

This short guide has been created to help you take a step back and address exactly that: a simple to understand seven-point guide to managing your budgets through the digital transformation process required for Blueprint Two. 

In this free guide you’ll learn:

  • The steps you need to take now to plan for Blueprint Two and manage your budgets effectively. 
  • What to consider when reviewing your technology to maximise ROI and long-term value.
  • How to future proof your business with technology designed for flexibility. 

Download the guide

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