‘How to be Pro-adaptive’ Episode 1: Ben Smyth, Arma Karma

8 December 2023
Ben Smyth
In our first in a new series, Ben Smyth, CEO and founder of Arma Karma sits down with Gavin Peters, CMO of Genasys to discuss how the multiple award-winning MGA has proactively put adaptability at the heart of its business.

In this episode Ben takes us through the beginnings of Arma Karma, after he and his co-founder, Chris, spotted a gap in the market for contents insurance for 18-30 year olds. Technology was crucial to the launch of the business, with the ambitious partners recognising that existing insurance experiences for their target market were dated and their market needed a more seamless experience with ‘almost negligible barriers to entry’. 

From the very beginning Ben and the team have taken a truly pro-adaptive approach; as Ben says “the one way to beat the big insurance is to be nimble, fast, and agile… to be able to approach challenges quickly and in a way that larger insurance can’t”.

Clearly key to this approach, and a big focus of the episode, is the people. For Arma Karma, the pro-adaptive strategy meant “building a team that can approach problems and challenges in a way that’s less rigid and corporate than the traditional ways”. As Ben explained, this meant looking beyond insurance for new talent, supporting them with the right technology and partnerships to thrive, and building a culture where everyone feels part of something bigger: “We don’t silo, everyone has a say, everyone’s involved in every part of the business, and we all understand what each other are doing. We all chip in and help and assist in different areas”.

Watch the video for the full Arma Karma story. 

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