Why mediocrity shouldn’t be accepted

As he spends more time developing our business in the UK, our very own André Symes has been struck by many of the quirks of life in Britain – politeness being one of them. Who knew people would apologise to you if you bumped into them in the street?

However, this instinctive politeness could be creating an unhealthy relationship dynamic between business partners. André has been pretty astounded at some of the unbelievably slow turnaround times and often mediocre quality of service offered by some UK and European software houses which in South Africa, for example, would have resulted in contract termination.

He shared his views with the UK insurance industry in this blog published by one of the leading UK insurance trade magazines, Insurance Post, arguing that mediocrity is not an acceptable standard and that software houses should be not be mining their business partners for every pound.

Read the full blog here: https://www.postonline.co.uk/technology/4142711/blog-why-mediocrity-shouldnt-be-accepted

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