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Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech

Steve Symes


Steve has been involved in system software development and management since the 1980s. After completing a BSc degree in computer science, he has been actively involved in the design, development and implementation of software solutions for the insurance industry. This experience has outlined the need for structured development processes, and the importance of data analysis, especially in the insurance sector.

Craig Olivier


Craig Olivier has been at the heart of Genasys for over 20 years and was part of the original team that started the development of SKi®. After finishing his studies in software design, he joined Genasys where he quickly climbed the ranks to become the youngest director in the company. He started his career at Genasys as a developer and subsequently headed up the development team, before moving into a more client-facing role where he was appointed as Sales Director. In 2018, Craig was responsible for opening up the first international Genasys branch in London, where he assumed the role of Vice President of Technical. In 2020, Craig was appointed as the Chief Technical Officer for both the SA and international businesses.

Software as a Service, Insurance Technology UK , InsurTech

André Symes


André initially held the reins as head of the marketing division, but after his appointment as COO in 2016 he has been instrumental in ensuring the fluid running of company operating procedures. He is passionate about the development of SMEs, particularly in creating operating platforms, workflows, and driving efficiencies using technology.

Eugene Wessels


Eugene joined Genasys in 2010, building on his 20 years’ experience in the insurance industry. He manages the day-to-day operations with a focus on sales and customer support for all Genasys software. He holds a BSc (Hons) in mathematical statistics and a post-graduate diploma in management practice.

Sandra Hutchison


Sandra is an experienced executive in the healthcare, financial services and IT industries, with experience in programme management, operational and information technology, and human resources. She has worked with global corporates, such as Aon Insurance Brokers, and Discovery in various roles, including managing mergers and acquisitions; organisational transformation, including change management and culture; managing IT operations; and strategic initiatives.

Leoni Symes


Leoni joined the IT industry in 1985 as a systems developer in the financial department of a computer bureau. In the following decade, she gained financial systems experience at a major bank and retailer, respectively. As a founding member of Genasys, Leoni has been involved in all aspects of the business, including web design and implementing policies and procedures pertinent to the growth of Genasys.

Wikus van Zyl


A chartered accountant with over 20 years’ experience in finance, Wikus joined Genasys in October 2016 following a long career at Sappi Limited, a listed manufacturing company, where he was Head of Group Financial Planning, and Analysis and Investor Relations. Responsible for the Genasys group finance, legal and compliance portfolio, he is an integral part of the management team, focusing on building strong financial discipline as a foundation for future growth.

Darren Price


Former Chief Information Officer of RSA Group, Darren joined Genasys Technologies as a strategic advisor. As Group CIO, Darren had global responsibility for RSA’s 35 operating companies across the UK, Ireland, Canada, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

Gavin Routledge


Gavin Routledge was appointed to the board of Genasys Technologies in 2007. He has been involved in mergers and acquisitions and the structuring of financial transactions since 1982. He holds a BA. LLB and a Higher Certificate in Tax Law. Gavin has served on the board of Hollard, African Bank Investments and Melville Douglas Investment Management, a subsidiary of Standard Private Bank, and has extensive experience in the insurance industry. He still serves as chairman of JSE-listed Clientele, Clientele Life Assurance Company, and Clientele General Insurance.


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