LMR Communications chat to Equipsme MD Matthew Reed on working with Genasys UK

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Genasys UK – one year on

Health and wellbeing support plan provider, Equipsme, launched its brand new proposition to the UK market last March – and they chose Genasys UK as their software provider. We caught up with Equipsme founder and MD, Matthew Reed, on what the experience of working with Genasys has been like over the past year.

LMR: Cast your mind back to the tender process, what were the key qualities that you were looking for in a software provider?
MR: As a start-up business, affordability was all important! We needed a partner that could offer a flexible approach to pricing rather than an off-the-shelf cost. That’s still a really important factor as our business evolves. Also, given the capacity supporting our business, we had to find a partner that had a proven platform and could survive the rigours of a blue-chip due diligence process. Last, but by no means least, we also wanted to work with people that we really liked. That’s a hugely important factor for all our partners. We want everyone to enjoy the working partnership, not endure it.

LMR: So what made Genasys stand out from the others when it came to making the final decision who to partner with?
MR: The honesty of the guys really struck a chord. They’d never worked with anyone like us before and they made no pretence about it. Our requirements were very different from anything that any software house would have encountered, but Genasys showed the right attitude to make it work. We also really appreciated their enthusiasm for what we are trying to achieve and their hunger to be our partner.
I also think that as a business, Genasys has recognised its own need to challenge itself so Equipsme presented a good partner to push themselves into new areas as well as a new geographic region. We liked that.

LMR: Has the UK team delivered on its promise of building the solution for Equipsme on time and on budget?
MR: A definite yes on both fronts. From spec to putting our first customer on cover, the whole process took just shy of four months. In my years of experience of IT contracts, that’s extremely impressive.

LMR: What has been the most positive aspect of the partnership over the past 12 months?
MR: No development process goes smoothly and there are always ups and downs in any relationship, but whenever something hasn’t quite gone to plan, the guys have taken it personally and moved resource to prioritise sorting the issue out. I’ve always felt that they are 100% focused on delivery and for me, their willingness to make the relationship work has been a hugely positive aspect of working with them over the past year.

LMR: Would you say that Genasys offers a true partnership?
MR: We weren’t an easy customer. The speed to market we demanded meant that the initial focus of the partnership was on the go live date. Since then, I think they’ve worked hard to improving their understanding of what UK-based clients demand and our expectations so yes I would say that they are becoming a true partner to us.
They’ve been willing to accompany us to meetings with key distribution partners to talk through things like APIs – and that’s added real credibility to our proposition to these partners.
More importantly, as our own customer demand broadens, the Genasys team has come to us with solutions that will help our business but won’t necessarily add to the Genasys bottom line. That is a rare quality in any partner let alone software providers, and that represents a true partnership approach to business.

LMR: How do you view the partnership going forward?
MR: As a business we’ve taken the decision that we are not interested in building our own IT capability – we want to focus on what we’re experts in and work with the right partners that can deliver the expertise we need beyond that. I personally think that there is a real opportunity for Genasys in the UK market if they can continue to deliver on time and on budget. The South African work ethic coupled with IT delivery is something that is missing from the UK market. I’m excited to see how Equipsme can benefit from the expertise that Genasys adds to its proposition as it develops new solutions for new UK clients.

For more information on Equipsme, visit https://www.equipsme.com/

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