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Enabling brokers with tech platform for new IoT-based insurance

Insurance software provider Genasys Technologies was selected as the technology platform provider for SafeHomes, a new technology-driven homeowners insurance solution. SafeHomes, by GENRIC Insurance, is backed by technology that enables brokers to meet the evolving demands of their clients in … Read MoreRead More

Franchisee First appoints Genasys Technologies 

Franchisee First, the UK’s first and only business offering franchisors and franchisees a secure and collateral-free bonding programme, has appointed Genasys Technologies to build the system underpinning its ground-breaking proposition. While commonplace in other countries including Australia and South Africa, … Read More

Genasys Technologies and Xtract form partnership to serve the connected car marketplace

Genasys Technologies has entered a commercial agreement with Xtract, whereby Genasys Technologies clients will be able to licence Xtract’s state-of-the-art connected car incident monitoring and claims analytics platform. Xtract’s solution has been embedded within the Genasys Technologies platform. Xtract captures … Read More

Hype vs Adoption of InsurTech

Over the years there have been many fantastic ideas that seemed, at first glance, to be a home run like blimps and mini disc players. We seem to be seeing the same trend in the InsurTech world. Now let me … Read More

Building a well-oiled machine

As published in FA News As technology steamrolls its way into the future, insurers are increasingly relying on a multitude of specialist insurance technologies to provide specific services. They need to be interconnected and must all speak the same language. … Read MoreRead More

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Genasys ups its quote volume capacity to half a million quotes per day

Genasys Technologies has significantly increased the quote volume of its SKi® platform in order to better support insurance businesses who source business leads through price comparison websites. Genasys director, Andre Symes, says:  “It’s not uncommon for businesses sourcing leads through … Read More

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Genasys Technologies’ COO first in SA to achieve “Elite Hacker” rank

Genasys Technologies’ COO, Carl Mönnig and his teammate, Bartho Saaiman, recently became the first two South Africans to achieve the “Elite Hacker” rank on Hack-The-Box, a free online platform to learn and practice cyber security skills. Facebook is settling a … Read MoreRead More

Hit the fast-forward button

As published in FA News August 2019 edition. Claim turnaround times are a top priority for brokers. However, lengthy processes remain a stubborn itch for insurers. What can be done to speed up the process? Integration and investment We need … Read MoreRead More

Genasys launches online broker tool

As published by The Insurance Age: InsurTech Futures: Software house says product enables brokers to easier embed quote and bind functionality into a third party website. Genasys Technologies has launched a tool designed to help brokers rapidly deploy their … Read More

A career in insurance is AI going to take my job?

As published in The Insurance Apprentice brought to you by FA News You have done all the hard grafting only for some piece of machinery to steal your designated spot in the insurance industry, right? Nope, wrong. Let’s take a … Read MoreRead More