Launch and manage new products…fast

Stay ahead of the competition with first-mover advantage.

Genasys product building and configuration software makes it simpler and faster than ever to build, launch and update your insurance products.

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Take a look at our no-code product building software to see how easy it is to get products to market, fast.

policy admin software

Policy administration software as fast as your thinking

Don’t let bad technology be a barrier to your ideas.

Genasys policy administration system is a cloud-based software solution built to handle all of your insurance administration requirements at speed.

Build, launch and continually update new products with easy-to-use no-code tools, enabling continuous innovation and faster responses to customer needs.

Control in your hands

With Genasys, you won’t need any IT skills or have to wait for your technology partner to get new insurance solutions to market.

Quickly create and launch new products using hundreds of existing templates across any line of business, and configure to make your perfect product with no-code tools.

Going for something a bit more unique? No problem, you can create from scratch in minutes, with endless configuration possibilities.
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Don't keep your customers waiting

In a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive landscape, the speed at which you get your insurance products to market is vital.

Our product-building software and suite of administration tools have enabled entirely new businesses to launch and go-live in weeks, and helped insurers of all sizes to capitalise on new opportunities with rapid product deployment.

We needed an insurtech partner that understood the absolute need for speed, simplicity and regulatory compliance.

Speed to Market | speed to market

When we decided to bring our new Pandemic Shield to market to protect consumers against the financial ramifications of a Covid-19 hospitalisation, we knew time was of the absolute essence. We needed an insurtech partner that understood the absolute need for speed, simplicity and regulatory compliance.

The entire process from the initial product concept to launching live in the market was completed in 50 days, of which the technology rollout and development based on the Genasys platform took just 10 days. This kind of speed and cost efficiency is unheard of in the financial services sector, and in fact sets a new record for GENRIC when it comes to launching a new product.

Speed to Market | speed to market
Cornel Schoeman, Chief Operating Officer of GENRIC Insurance

Speed: your new
competitive advantage

We know insurance is complex, and getting new products to market can be painfully slow. We also know it doesn’t have to be that way. Our insurance clients across the world reap the rewards of faster product launches and updates.

Recognise revenues more quickly

Maximise ROI by reducing the time from product idea to revenue.

Increase your customer base

Respond to new opportunities and targeting new customer segments before your competitors.

Grow your portfolio

Reduce your reliance on specific risks and mitigate against external changes.

Better meet customer needs

Grow your existing customer relationships with faster and more regular product updates.

Increase innovation

Get more products to market, faster feedback and the ability to test and learn.

React to market changes

Don’t get caught out by changing regulations and industry standards – respond to change fast.