Genasys UK – one year on

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Darren Price joined our UK business as a strategic consultant shortly after we launched our UK business. One year on, Lesley Bennett from LMR Communications asked him how he’s found working with us over the last few months.

LMR: Remind us of how you got to know about our UK business
DP: A mutual insurtech enthusiast, Tassos Anastasiou, introduced me to the guys and the rest is history!

LMR: What attracted you most about becoming a strategic consultant to the UK team?
DP: I was really impressed by the guys approach to doing business – they really do offer a true partnership to their clients. Many businesses say this but few, in my experience, actually deliver on the promise. And not only is there a track record to demonstrate this approach to business, but there’s also a track record of implementing projects on time and on budget. As a former CIO for RSA, this is gold dust.
Equally important, I believe that Genasys has built a product offering that meets the challenges that the insurance market faces. There is a fantastic opportunity to deploy it here in the UK.

LMR: And so how have things developed over the past year?
DP: I think both sides have seen how our different skill sets complement each other and have worked well together. André and Craig have a deep understanding of their technology and how it can be implemented, while I’ve got a deep understanding of the UK insurance market and its culture, as well as an extensive network of contacts.
What’s been really exciting is that this network has opened up opportunities that we had not originally envisaged outside the UK, and so my experience in international and emerging markets is coming in handy right now!

LMR: Has anything surprised you?
DP: I knew from day one that Genasys were a good fit for the UK market and could help MGAs, brokers and insurers address their digital challenges – but the speed at which we’ve built our pipeline of opportunities and are now starting to close deals has been nothing short of amazing. I thought it would take a good couple of years and yet in just 12 months we’ve not only supported one brand new player launch its product but we’re about to help another more established player extend their proposition beyond the UK. We’re really building momentum far more quickly than I had anticipated.
I think the opportunities that have also opened up internationally and in emerging markets has been a surprise for all of us – but a good one!

LMR: What has been the most positive aspect of your working relationship with the UK team?
DP: The sense of enjoyment that we have in working together. I love the energy, passion and commitment that the guys have. It’s infectious. You can’t help but be enthused about the opportunities that we’re creating together.

LMR: So what does the future hold?
DP: I think over the next 12 months, the focus is going to be on closing the deals that we have in the pipeline and moving those through the implementation phase.
Clearly scale will be a challenge as we bring more clients on board, so there’s also going to be a lot of focus on building our long-term capability and scalability – particularly as the relationships that we’re building with some of the top consultancies also means that a lot more doors are opening to us and so we’ll continue to build momentum through 2019.

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