Can Your Staff Be More Effective?

Genasys Technologies provides in-depth and personalised learning modules that cover the entirety of the Genasys SKi® insurance management system, to ensure that system owners get full value from their insurance management software.

The training includes modules on the SKi® Desktop, including the Customer, Policy, Risk and Claims Sections, and the various administration and reporting functions within the platform. Employees can decide whether trainees undergo the full spectrum of modules or topics that are only relevant to their specific departments.

Genasys also offers refresher courses for employees who continue to struggle with certain function screens of SKi®, be it with everyday processing, or more specific screens like the month-end procedure and functionality, such as the Policy Financial screen.

“Our biggest success factor is training people on how to use the system as efficiently

as possible, which allows for more efficient and accurate throughput,” says Johan Greyling, Training Facilitator at Genasys Technologies.

A Genasys trainer can also facilitate one-on-one training sessions to identify training gaps and assist staff with any issues they have encountered in their day-to-day work. “We facilitate customised training requests should the customer’s needs fall outside the scope of our standard course offering,” explains Greyling. “Last year, we had many successful sessions in which a trainer spent the day with staff, at their offices, while they were performing everyday duties,” he says. “Client staff related to this and were comfortable in asking questions, which helped us identify numerous knowledge gaps.”

To ensure every trainee understands the material, facilitators try and limit training group numbers to 10 people at a time. The Genasys Academy in Johannesburg, however, can accommodate up to 20 trainees if necessary. The company also offers on-site training at the client’s offices, or at another location. The training schedule is also flexible according to a client’s schedule. “Some of our clients sign up for Service Level Agreements on training in which we provide training on a pre-arranged monthly basis,” explains Greyling. “We have trained hundreds of client staff members in 10 countries on how to optimally use our product,” he notes.

Considering that we are approaching the end of the current financial year, it is now the time to include SKi® training in your staff-development budget, stresses Greyling. “Clients often realise too late in the year that their employees require crucial system training, but have failed to set aside budget for it earlier in the year,” he says. In these cases, the company and its employees suffer.

“Staff may have learned improper system habits from other colleagues; or apply guesswork to manage the system; they may even be entering incorrect data into the system,” he warns. “The earlier your employees learn to use SKi® correctly, the less hassles in future,” he explains. “To fill in a few fields on a screen is one thing, but system owners must ensure their employees use the system as effectively as possible and make full use of its functionality,” Greyling concludes.

Learning modules covered include:

– All standard SKi® Desktop functionality
– Effectively using time-saving methods and functionalities within SKi®
– Administrator training
– Month-end procedures, including month-end premium collection and Bordereaux processing.
– Data imports/exports
– All advanced functionality handled by the SKi® Desktop including Cashback, Deposit Burners, and Aggregates, among others.

For more information on training for your staff, contact Johan Greyling on or 021 851 4153.

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